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Wannabe director David and his cocky, best-friend Curt set out to produce the greatest spoof movie ever!!! But they have no money and no script! This doesn't stop them from spoofing the greatest movies of all time! Superheroes, Pirates and Wizards beware, 'Parody Movie' is going to rock your Universe!!!

Feedback from viewers
Tom Santilli - The Detroit Movie Examiner:
Parody Movie is silly-funny, with some laugh out loud moments throughout. The best part of it for me was the pacing of the film...you are quite literally laughing from beginning to end, all the while wondering how somebody on such a limited budget could possibly produce something this uniquely creative.

Quirky and full of satire... Dewandeler himself also played in roles, one being the inimitable skit of ‘Miniana Jones’ and another unforgettable and quite terrifying portrayal of the ‘Jokester’. (Read the full blog Here.)

DTE Chuck:
We all know Animal House and other college cult classics...I think this could be the next such item!
Sharing a few beers, or after some tailgating, hey, let's watch that Parody Movie again, it's a riot!

A.M. Sawyer:
I've been so sick of the horrible parodies, but when I'd seen this independent film, I figured it wouldn't get stuck in the usual Hollywood typecasting. I was right, it was awesome and original....Some graphics were a bit cheesy, but that fit perfectly into the premise. I recommend this to everyone!!!!!!

Kevin Bruinsma:
One of the funniest and most original movies that I'm proud to own.

Cliff Wilson:
An AWESOME movie.... If you don't get it you rode the short bus to school =~]

Sai Joker:
This movie should come with a warning: "Don't attempt to eat food or drink liquids while watching this film, cause it will be sprayed across the room from laughing so hard".

Jason Echols:
This movie gets the Jason Echols seal of approval!

David Lockhart:
Funny ass film :)


David Legato plays "David" a character who decides he wants to be a film director. The catch? He has no training or experience. So what does he do? He enlists his friends who also have no training or experience and together they attempt to make a hit movie. In real life David Legato is an actor from both stage and screen. He has an extansive theatre background from University of Detroit Mercy and is real life best friends with co-star Curt Green.

Curt Green plays best friend to wannabe director David in `Parody Movie'. Green is perfectly cast for this role as he is real life best friends with David Legato. Parody Movie may be his first feature but Green has an extensive acting background in the world of Theatre. He holds a BFA in acting from the University of Detroit Mercy where he starred in several plays. Curt Green lives in Detroit and is currently acting with the C.R.L.T. Players for the University of Michigan.


'Parody Movie' is Julian Gant's third feature film, he also starred in the independent film Bilal's Stand and played a supporting role in Real Steel (2011) with Hugh Jackman. Gant has also been featured in several TV shows and starred in a national commercial for a popular hotel chain. In 'Parody Movie' he plays a variety of roles, including The Dark Bat (featured left).

Dewandeler currently lives in Hollywood, CA where he has worked as an editor on several projects, including but not limited to the standup comedy show Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Standup on Starz!

Dewandeler is the Writer and Director of 'Parody Movie', and also makes a couple cameos in the film. Most noteably he plays the evil Jokester, arch nemesis of The Dark Bat! He also plays Miniana Jones, a six inch tall archeologist working in a bowling alley!

Sean Scarlett has a degree from University of Michigan - Dearborn. He began his acting career by starring in several student films for various colleges. He sharpened his acting skills at Second City Detroit and the Purple Rose Theatre Company. He is very comfortable with improv and continues to be heavily involved in the Detroit film industry. He also produces and stars in his own sketch comedy videos which can can be seen on Youtube and FunnyorDie. In `Parody Movie' Sean plays a writer which is ironic seeing as how in real life he is currently writing his first feature screenplay.


Melissa is one of Charles Dewandeler's best friends since high school, “I've known Charles for years and I have spent time working with him on short films and skits for his website; it was a lot of fun. So when he told me he was making 'Parody Movie', I was so glad to be a part of it. Plus, I love movies, especially comedies.” Melissa studied animation and advertising in college. After production on 'Parody Movie' concluded, she got married and is currently pregnant with her first child.


Jennifer Altimore is a graduate of University of Detroit Mercy with a BFA in Acting in Theatre. She has starred in several stage productions performing around Detroit and Midland, MI. “I love every movie but I can always go for some funny in my life. I am a total Mel Brooks junkie, I adore Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles. And Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder, it is classic.” With her love for comedy and her skills at improv, Jennifer easily blended in with the cast of `Parody Movie' and she had a lot of fun doing it. “I had so much fun working with the guys on the film! Thanks for letting me be a part of it.”


Chris Dewandeler has been starring in his brother's films since he was a kid, including the short film 'Trash Wars' and was a member of the Fresh Faces of Comedy. Chris plays "Topher" in Parody Movie, a friend of David's who helps film his parodies. This role required no research for Chris who has done this most of his life for his brother Charles.

Erik Steele is an actor and filmmaker, he even helped shoot a few scenes in 'Parody Movie'. On camera, Erik Steele plays a pirate similar to the drunken, gay, pirate made famous by Johnny Depp in 'Pirates of the Caribean'.

Scott is a graduate of Oakland University in Rochester, MI with a degree in Political Science. He is a political activist, consultant, teacher, history buff and is affiliated with the Young Republicans and Republican Party. His dream job is to one day be elected to public office. Scott has been acting in Charles Dewandeler's films since Mrs. Voss's history class in High School. He starred in `Trash Wars' in 2003 and was a member of the Fresh Faces of Comedy. “My more than 15 year friendship with Charles has led to many interesting adventures both on and off camera and I wouldn't trade them for anything…well maybe gold, or cash money.”