Spoof Troupe Cast

Charles Dewandeler

Charles Dewandeler was born to entertain as a writer, director and editor. His hilarious feature film "Parody Movie" is now available on Amazon Prime. His "Spoof Troupe" videos have entertained over 40 million people on YouTube. He also enjoys photography and drawing. You can view his pictures on instagram @CharlesDewandeler

Sketches he's written/directed for Spoof Troupe include "Avengers: Age of Ultron Parody", "Joker & Harley Quinn Henchmen Auditions", "Ghostbusters Parody", "Batman Parody", "Sexy Zombie", "Harley Quinn Kills The Joker", "Avengers: Endgame Parody", the short film "Take Me Back", and much more...

Since moving to LA in 2008 he's worked as a freelance editor, having recently edited season 2 of The Kindness Diaries for Netflix and an episode of "The Wall" for NBC. One of his favorite Editing gigs was Martin Lawrence Present's 1st Amendment, a standup comedy show on the Starz Network watched by millions of viewers. He's also edited a sitcom pilot starring Kid 'N Play, Talk/Variety shows (Way Black When), Gameshows (Popular Opinion), Clip Shows (Whacked Out Sports), reality TV, sizzle reels and scripted content.

Charles has written 3 books, 14 screenplays, 2 comic books, and countless shorts. He's author of the comic books "Ghost Wranglers" and "MotorCity Saint", the thrilling novel "Black Ice", the romantic time-travel novel "Upon A Time", the action novel "Frank Kennedy: Operation Freedom" and the historic book "Superheroes, Their Movies, And Why We Love Them".

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Brianna Oppenheimer

Brianna was born in Pasadena, CA and moved all over the United States. At an early age she started performing with the Jacksonville City Ballet in addition to attending New Orleans Center For Creative Arts.  She studied Theater at Desales University and Psychology at Marymount Manhattan College.

Brianna loves period pieces, TikToking, improv, and furry animals.
She has 30K followers on Instagram and more on her other social media accounts.

Brianna made her Spoof Troupe debut lampooning Jenna Marbles, she also starred in Ghostbusters Parody and appeared in other sketches. You probably recognize her from her recurring role as Harley Quinn in "Batman Parody", "Batman Parody 3", "Joker & Harley Quinn Henchmen Auditions", and "Harley Quinn Kills The Joker"!

You can catch her on Netflix in, “The Trail.” She also stars in the feature film "A Psycho's Path".

To check out more about Brianna's tantalizing triumphs and to contact her directly, go to: www.briannaoppenheimer.com or visit her on social media!

Steve Saunders

Steve Saunders hails from the great city of Cleveland Ohio, AKA The Land, AKA City of Champions, AKA The Mistake By The Lake but you can't call it that only we can call it that.

He has been with Spoof Troupe since playing the hapless and dashingly handsome victim of The Cockblocker in our 2nd sketch ever. You may recognize him from his recurring roles as The Flash or Aquaman. He has also starred in several other sketches, including the music video "Lion King Rap" where he played Scar. He also works behind the scenes as a writer/producer, including the viral hit "Social Justice League" and "Black Panther Parody".

When not Spoof Trouping... Steve is part of the Comics Reading Comics podcast/youtube channel/live shows and performing sketch comedy and improv in Los Angeles. Steve has studied comedy acting with the legendary Groundlings in Los Angeles and also does non-comedy acting.

Julie David

Julie David was born & raised in San Francisco, CA. From an early age she had a passion for performance, sports & writing. She competed as a gymnast and runner honoring her school with first place medals. In 2011, she played Clumsy Smurf at a live-event with Anton Yelchin for “The Smurfs” where she immortalized her character’s hands in concrete at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. *paparazzi photos available.

Julie has booked Commercial, TV, Theatre & Film roles including co-star & guest-star credits on “The Office”, “Dexter” and “Stick It” to name a few.

Julie’s first Spoof Troupe sketch was The Walking Dead Parody “Sexy Zombie” she’s also played Black Widow in our Avengers videos, Jean Grey, Lois Lane, Scarlett Johansson, and many more!

She performs regularly with her improv team around Los Angeles. And has studied Improv Comedy at Second City and Monkey Butler for years.

David Lautman

David was first introduced to Theatre by his dad Ben Lautman, an actor who starred in the original Broadway production of HAIR (1970-1974). David has appeared in several plays himself, including a National Tour of the critically acclaimed "Pulp Shakespeare", as Zed.

David has also appeared in Film, TV and Commercials, including a commercial with John Cena! He acted opposite Vincent D'Onofrio in feature film "Broken Horses", opposite Jaime Pressly in "Making the Rules", starred in a commercial for Xbox and guest-starred on Travel Channel's "Hotel Secrets and Legends".

He's co-produced, written and starred in several Spoof Troupe videos; including his favorite sketch The Walking Dead parody, "Sexy Zombie" opposite the wonderful Julie David. He's also played Captain America, Wolverine, Spock and Robin!!!

For more visit www.DavidLautman.com

Noel Gibson

You may recognize Noel Gibson from our "Ghostbusters Parody", our "Lion King Rap", or as Uhura in our Star Trek videos. Noel also performed the vocals for Wonder Woman in our "Justice League Rap".

Growing up in Faulkton, South Dakota, Gibson was raised by her grandparents and became the first African-American student to graduate from Faulkton High school.

She served as high school cheerleading captain for four years, she won the Faulkton Snow Queen Talent pageant and represented Faulkton at the Miss Teen South Dakota pageant winning miss congeniality, best interview, most dedicated, and placing within the top 5. She's also a skilled dancer in hip-hop, jazz, tap and ballet.

Since moving to Los Angeles, Noel has been featured in several films, commercials, and The Mindy Project. She's starred in plays including the recent "Dead Air". And she enjoys performing improv around L.A. at clubs like IOWest and UCB, look for her in Laughtivism and/or Niagara Balls.

L.B. Rai

Before joining Spoof Troupe, L.B. Rai starred in a Captain Morgan Spiced Rum commercial for the international market in South America. He currently works in the music industry and as a brand ambassador for various products.

You may recognize him as Blind Nick Fury in our "Avengers: Age of Ultron Parody" and "Captain America: Civil War Parody". You've probably also seen him in any of our 5 music videos, where he not only starred in but also produced the music and recorded the vocals, including "Condom Style", "Big Gun Small Penis", "Weiner In Your Mouth", "Justice League Rap", and "Lion King Rap".

LB Rai was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI. After obtaining his Associates in General Arts at Grand Rapids Community College, he competed at the World Championships of Performing Arts and won a Gold medal in the Rap Category as well as the Vocal Open Category (All music genres).

He received a Bronze medal for the Spokesmodel category where he performed a comedic monologue he wrote called "LB's Lover Boy Fragrance." The monologue was adapted to Spoof Troupe and became PanTi Drop'R 3000.

 He reminds himself everyday , "Talent alone can only get a person so far but their drive and determination will take them further than they can ever imagine."

Chris Markle

Actor/writer Chris Markle is from the small town of Millheim, Pennsylvania. His most recent acting credits include "American Horror Story 1984", "Bulge Bracket", "The Crumbs", and "Pink Opaque". He latest writing credit is a pilot episode for a dark comedy series called "Fraternalings".

You may recognize him from Spoof Troupe sketches like, "Wonder Woman 1944 Parody", "Social Justice League", "Kermit Loses It", or "Donald Trump Producing Porn Film (Parody Interview)". He also wrote and starred in the music video "Justice League Rap" and starred in our short film "Take Me Back."

Daniella Steele

Daniella started acting in community theatre with her all-time favorite role of the Genie in Aladdin, Jr., then enjoyed playing Becky Thatcher in Tom Sawyer, Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden, Esther Jane in A Christmas Story, and recently Martha Cratchit in A Christmas Carol.

She has experience with commercials, shorts, music videos, improv, and of course Spoof Troupe. Daniella starred in Spoof Troupe's first video ever "Gay Date", she also stars in the webseries “I’m With Stupid" and "Easily Offended Girl" and has appeared in "The Felon DeGenerate Show".

Daniella loves acting and wouldn’t trade it for anything! She especially enjoys being part of SpoofTroupe and all the fun and friends it has brought her. She currently attends college at Biola University.